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About Us

At WeCare Home Care, we believe that everyone needs a little help in life. Whether you need a personal assistant or someone to help with the laundry, a trusted professional can allow your life to operate more efficiently. We're dedicated to providing specialized assistance for those is need.

Our Story

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  WeCare Home Care was  born from personal experience.

 One evening the unthinkable happened. While having dinner with my father, he struggled to get up. My father suffered from immense pain due to diabetic neuropathy. Like many children of diabetic parents, my fears surfaced. Growing up in a family where children are expected to take care of their parents when they’re older, I understood this was my duty and responsibility.


 The extra responsibility of taking care of my father while my mother was away for work was difficult..


 My story is not an uncommon one. Many people face the same challenge of caring for their parents while juggling their own families and careers. The realization that other families and seniors have to cope with the same unfortunate situation inspired us to provide families with the peace of mind that even in their absence, their loved ones were in the best hands.

 The immediate relief in knowing that I was no longer responsible for everything was life changing. I was able to rest more and stress less.   


 After experiencing how essential it is to outsource even the smallest of tasks, It was now my duty to share this with the world.

 With a commitment that no one should feel the same pain, 

our caregivers are dedicated to providing  reliable, responsible and professional in home care to every person we serve. 


 In addition to our home care business, we're active members of our community. Participating, supporting, and contributing to the following organizations:

• The Interactive Resource Center
• Turning Point 180
• StepUP Ministry
• Greensboro Urban Ministry
• RHA Howell Centers
• Family Services of the Piedmont

Are You Passionate About Helping Others?

Consider joining our team of dynamic specialists.


WeCare Home Care is a state licensed agency. We accept Medicaid for non-medical home care services.

Private Pay

For those who don't qualify, or choose not to utilize insurance and state funding, private pay options are available. 

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